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You want affinity with your Customers

You need affinity with your computers to keep your business going so you can concentrate on the customer.

Our services can get you out of a bind when your computer, server or network fails.  We can also protect your systems to reduce down-time incidents and reduce the duration of down-time events with our proactive service plan designed just for you.

The Maintenance Service plan is our client’s favorite.  You get our professional licensed services each month at a discount from the per-call services.  The hours you get can be used any way you wish for on-site, in-lab or telephone support.  24-hour telephone support is only available to Maintenance Service subscribers.

Your hours are always put to good use.  At the end of your month if you have not used the hours in your plan a technician will be dispatched to your site, at your discretion, to maintain and tune-up, the equipment in your plan.  Also backups will be checked.  Not just that they are running but insuring that the data is being backed up and can be retrieved.  (Many backups are run that are unusable when they are needed because they have not been checked.)

Call 350.6984 for a free appointment to discuss your opportunities for worry-free Information Technology.

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We offer support and sales for all small to medium sized systems from parts to complete computers. Our training and support services run the gamut from beginning home user to professional IT solutions.

 Personal In-home, or Dropoff Services When it comes to personal computers, no one offers better value than @ffinity Computer Masters. Drop it off, or have us drop by, you will get the same excellent and timely service. We can reload operating systems, clean up after virus attacks, network your devices, or set up a whole new system. Best of all, we don’t leave you in the dark. @ffinity not only services what we sell, we can train you how to operate it. Call for a free consultation today! • Data Recovery • Backup systems • Operating system install and transfers • Virus Removal • Hardware Installs • Software Installs

 Hourly Service Calls For companies that need IT, but can’t afford the overhead of a full-time IT department, we provide two options. With our pay-as-you-go plan, each project is billed according to the parts and labor needed for that job. We can do any size project.
 Monthly Service Contracts For companies that know they will need us, but aren’t sure when or how much, our monthly service contracts can help you minimize the cost. You pay one monthly fee to have our IT professionals standing by to service your systems and have you up and running as quickly as possible. This covers maintenance as well as repairs and new installations. Have us out for a quote on your system today! • Data Recovery • Backup systems • Operating system install and transfers • Virus Removal • Hardware Installs • Software Installs • Networking for any size network • Custom data, backup and computing systems • Servers • Wireless networking and network integration
 Training We know that not everyone understands computers and we specialize in translating Geek into everyday English. We offer one-on-one and group classes for a wide variety of computing needs, from beginners to advanced. Our Senior Computing program is ideal for retirement centers, or senior citizens groups that would like some help educating their residents and members in basic computing skills. We cover everything from how to send email to how to access Facebook. Call today for rates and scheduling. • In home training • Seniors group classes • Corporate training
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About Us

Affinity Owners
The technical brains behind @ffinity belong to Kurt Rahlfs, an IT veteran with over three decades of practical experience and formal education in computing. Kurt is comfortable in most operating system environments from open source operating systems such as Linux and Unix to proprietary systems such as Windows. His wide experience ensures that he will explore multiple options, from limited mainstream systems, which can be highly expensive, to free open source solutions. His goal is to do whatever it takes to make your system function as you need it to.

Kurt’s wife, Susan, is a master in own her own right, and serves as the public face of the company. She offers quality service and training with a personality that can make even the most dire of computer disasters a little brighter.


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